Three Year Old Program

Preschoolers (3 to 4 years)

Preschoolers are rapidly expanding their knowledge and mastery of the world around them. Play is the young child’s medium for learning, creating something meaningful for themselves and others.  Our preschool teachers combine fun and learning opportunities that continue to instill the young learner with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at the next level. Skills learned during this stage include recognizing letter names, catching a bounced ball and beginning to understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Children are encouraged to learn about the world around them through a balance of play, exploration and guided activities. We develop activities and materials that are chosen based on the children’s interest and designed to foster independence, cooperation and self esteem. Age appropriate language and pre-reading activities are staples of everyday learning.

Some of the links to learning at this stage of development include:

Language and Literacy:
Your child will begin to experiment with different letter sounds, and start to explore characters and story plots.

The World and Me:
Group and circle games provide opportunities for your child to follow directions, take turns and develop friendships. Your child is also beginning to make conscious choices about preferences and behavior.

Music: Activities that encourage your child to clap and move in time to the beat, sing songs and identify similar sounds will take your child to the next level of musical awareness.

Mathematics: Your child continues to explore number concepts such as more or less. Center activities help your child practice comparing, classifying and measuring.

Art:Teachers will provide your child with opportunities to trace and copy simple shapes, and explore various art techniques that include folding, cutting, bending and coloring.

Spanish: Your child is continuing to grow more familiar with the Spanish culture and language. At this level, your child will be exposed to stories and activities.

My Community: Your child will be introduced to the concept of community by discussing similarities and differences in families and homes. Teachers explain what community helpers do, and introduce the concept of experiments.

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